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Our app is personalized for each individual and provides valuable feedback to assist you in managing your chronic pain, like having your favorite care provider with you at home during your pain journey. The result is providing you with the benefits of a Comprehensive Pain Management Program in the comfort of your own home and without worrying about the complications of an in-person program that you might not be able to attend due to work conflicts, travel to a larger city, or unexpected expenses involved. As an added benefit, your physician will be able to engage easier and more frequently with you during your pain journey with the input the app provides them.

Allevia is relentlessly focused on creating the most user-friendly, engaging interface that requires minimal input from you. Our unique algorithms create a personalized experience that connects you with your healthcare team.

It’s all about building trust between you and your healthcare team. The more you engage with the Allevia, the more personalized your notifications become.  Your engagement with your Healthcare team becomes more meaningful with shared decision-making opportunities.