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Allevia is a digital opioid prescription management platform that helps physicians optimize treatment by providing data-driven insights at the point of care. Our risk-stratification algorithms cover the entire Opioid Management Lifecycle to successfully lower risks in practices of all sizes.


Our easy to use interface is relentlessly focused on user experience which dramatically improves patient engagement and boosts clinical efficiency for physicians by distilling information to its core.


We collect and track patient reported outcome measures for you so you don't have to. Our Custom reports let you quickly review key information needed to bill for effective remote patient monitoring.


Our integrated clinical workflow management provides friction free care coordination between healthcare providers and patient and lets team members practice at the top of their scope of practice.

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Personalized Care that helps you manage your chronic pain.

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Physicians want to do good; we make that easier for them.

Allevia Opioid Prescription Management Physician Dashboard

Why Choose Allevia?

We democratize opioid management. You no longer have to worry about access challenges limiting your ability to recommend and provide specialized comprehensive pain management.

With Allevia, providers will have realtime data to back up their opioid prescription decisions improving coordination of care and patient satisfaction. Patients will have access to an home-based Comprehensive Pain Management Program that will assist them in managing their chronic pain, not just with opioids, but with other tools for daily life.

Also, we at Allevia, are passionate about care accessibility including equitable care for rural communities.

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